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Are you looking for a quality canal boat built by expert craftsmen? Then welcome to Stuart Hearn Maritime Construction! Here at Hearn Maritime we build Canal Barge River and Coastal Motor boats and yachts in aluminium alloy.

Maritime believe sound hull structure is the foundation of any vessel. With what we describe as computer aided traditional boat building,we employ advanced technology but manually form and cut plates by hand. This gives the client the best of both worlds: the skill and eye of a boat builder combined with the time saving efficiency of a computer.

Canal Du Midi 13.5m

Grey Hull

What is traditional boat building? It is the use of transverse framing, no messy stringers, which trap water. Yes doing it this way requires more skill, but having these skills is in itself rewarding. This combined with the advantages of aluminium integral tankage fuel tanks which require no painting. A structure that will last lifetimes if respected. A boat that encompasses all that the builder has learnt from a lifetime in the trade and at sea. All of our boats have a 10 year hull warranty (excluding normal wear and tear).

13.5 metre Coastal, River and Canal, Long Range Motorboat

We have designed this craft to fill what we see as a gap in the marketplace.

With the ever increasing cost of fuel we have given this vessel a strong slower type diesel engine capable of moving great distances at canal speeds and at the same time being able to stem the faster rivers like the Rhine and also to be able to make long coastal passages without refueling. She has moderate VEE for coastal passages. The design is for heavier plate aluminum the material of which the builder/ co designer has 30 years hands on experience with. Grey Hull


Dimensions and Specifications

Choice of Engine

Choice of Layout


This boat will have the highest possible spec, it is envisaged that all an owner need do is bring along sheets and blankets and personal equipment. Typically she is equipped with: Usually we supply ssb radio and the boat is fully equipped with autopilot, depth sounder, and vhf and so on. Grey Hull